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Human beings need to feel the sense of touch. Even those like me who are introverts. I know that most of us are still in self- isolation. You may experience:

  • depression

  • PTSD

  • loneliness

Or you may simply desire to spend some quality time with me knowing that for one reason or another we would never meet in person. 

All these reasons led me to develop a new type of service:

Aleksandra's Erotic Phone Calls

Yes, you know how much I love my erotic stories. And I know how much you enjoy them as well. So, I decided it would be wonderful if I can read you an erotic story, either by my choice or you select a specific book. After a quick verification, we will have a short chat to discuss your specific desires. If you select the book that I will be reading to you, you can either get it and ship it to me from Amazon or you can send me the Kindle version that I can read to you from my iPad. 

Payments will be made upfront using Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal. 

Rate: $100/ hour

Depending of how often you would like to hear my exotic voice, I can even offer you a deal (deals apply for at least twice a week for the duration of one month paid upfront).

I am very excited about this new beginning. Let's get to know each other while being aroused by an erotic book. 

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