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Video making equipment

You probably wonder why I have video making equipment in my wishlist. I believe that video as a media has and will have an even bigger impact in the near future. We are no longer satisfied with still images. We want more. Something more entertaining. Something more engaging. And that is the video format. So far, I have found two options when it comes to self video recording: Obsbot Tail Camera that has a built-in AI-software that helps following you everywhere (even when you hide behind an object and come out, the camera will continue to follow you). The second option is the newest iPhone 11 Pro. This little guy will allow me to create beautiful quality images with the help of a simple tripod, that I am sure you will enjoy on my website as well as on my Twitter account.

Should you wish to grant me the pleasure of having a Carbon 38 sportswear set, feel free to send the transfer via CashApp followed by an email  ( or a short note letting me know what is the sportswear set you picked for me. You can still choose to be anonymous. But I would respect that despite the fact that I would want to thank you :-) 

I also want to use this equipment to help other models to have better images and videos that they can use for their business. Help me achieve that in 2020. Be part of my personal world.

* I am very sad that the original manufacturer sold out the Obsbot Tail Camera as well as the ObsbotTurtle for Tail. The second one is a very unique accessory. It is a platform designed to position your Obsbot Tail Camera on top of it. It has the same AI technology that will easily videotape the target while moving.

Below are included products and accessories that will help me be better at what I do - entertain, and provide constant new content for website pages, blogs, and social media.



Unfortunately, the camera is sold out on the manufacturer's website. Therefore I am providing you with a Amazon link. You can find it on my Amazon Wishlist.

Set: $589



The turtle is designed to carry the Obsbot camera. It provides 4 types of track shooting, no longer limited to a fixed angle of view. It is sold out but I still want you to check out this beauty. Hopefully, it will be back in stock soon.

Set: $299.99



Made from waterproof Taslan fabric, the design of the slicker allows your camera its full range of movement while keeping it dry.

Set: $132.40

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