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1-2 months ago I started a new path in life - a healthier life. I still refuse to give up the chocolate I love so much, but now I walk/ run every day for 40-60 minutes. I am planning to include a second activity for the day: rock climbing, yoga, perhaps even swimming (if I am brave enough). 

Carbon 38 is a company with sportswear that gives me the inspiration to do even better than what I am currently doing. A sportswear set is a set for a healthier and better life. 

I know most of you prefer an Amazon WishList, but Carbon 38 is not on Amazon. That is why I am providing you 2 links - one for the actual website (just in case you decide to check the company out) and another one for my CashApp account. Should you wish to grant me the pleasure of having a Carbon 38 sportswear set, feel free to send the transfer via CashApp followed by an email  ( or a short note letting me know what is the sportswear set you picked for me. You can still choose to be anonymous. But I would respect that despite the fact that I would want to thank you :-) 

* The link for the seller website I am providing is usually the link for the top. If you scroll down on the item page you will see the bottom as a suggestion for that set.



Ribbed style bra in a combination with high gloss 7/8 length leggings. The set includes bra and leggings.

Set: $194

Ribbed Tank Set.JPG


Avocado green color makes me think of spring - my favorite season. What is yours? :-) This ribbed set includes a bra and leggings.

Set: $186

The Lauren Set.JPG


Detailed bra with high rise cropped leggings. This set includes a bra and leggings.

Set: $196

One Shoulder Set.JPG


Interesting asymmetrical shoulder detail. This sheer paneling set includes a bra and leggings.

Set: $196

The Ribbed Set.JPG


White is my favorite color when it comes to clothes. Sportwear is no exception. This ribbed set includes a bra and leggings.

Set: $176

Terez Set.JPG


How can you go wrong with these rainbow colors? This ribbed set includes a bra and leggings.

Set: $188

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