Indulge yourself with the pleasure of working with me


In and Out:
Get to know me (2 Hours)                   1,000
Lunch Date (4 Hours)                          2,000
Have a Dinner with Me (6 Hours)     2,500
Overnight Rendezvous (12 Hours)    3,500
Full Day Retreat (24 Hours)               4,500

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Couples and Duos:

Get to know me (2 Hours)                     1,500
Lunch Date (4 Hours)                            2,500
Have a Dinner with Me (6 Hours)       3,000


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Fly me to you:

1,500 per day

* First or business class airplane tickets, transport from and to the airport, hotel and food are covered by the client
** The time I spent flying to client and back home is covered by the client

Available to host West of Boston


This is an offer only to spend time with you.  My time has value, as does yours.  And if anything more develops, well, we're all adults here, aren't we?

I will expect that you have contacted me after reading the content of this site, and so, I will presume that you already know what to expect from my presence and how to conduct yourself while we are together.

Please do not expect to speak about inappropriate topics or of conduct of indecent nature. That is not who I am. There are hundreds of lovely women who will be more than happy to accommodate that type of discussion.

25% Deposit may be required for long appointments (3+ hours and FMTY).


I always require reservations in advance; 24 hours before we meet is a minimum time I need to prepare for you.  And, of course, I will need all the information requested in my contact form when you first ask to set up our time together.  Click on the Book a Session Page for all the details.


I realize that life is busy and plans sometimes change. If circumstances require you to cancel our meeting, please, let me know at least 7 days in advance. Canceling a week before the time you scheduled requires a 100% deposit off of the original amount of hours you booked.

  • Should you change the duration of our meeting and require to meet me for LESS than the time you scheduled, I understand. I certainly will be able to accommodate your schedule. However, you will still have to pay for the time you initially booked. (For example, if you initially booked 2 hours but you can stay only 1, you still pay for 2 hours meeting.)

  • Should you wish to EXTEND the duration of our meeting, please let me know at least 24 hours upfront so I can do everything possible to accommodate your schedule.

Please understand that my cancellation policy is designed to protect both sides, yours and mine. When you book time with me, I  adjust my schedule to accommodate yours, as well as the schedule of other clients I meet. If I don't have other appointments that day, this doesnt mean I am not working. I manage two other businesses. So, I am always working. 

The cancellation fee should be sent to my CashApp account $AleksandraRay.


My hosting is getting rarer. Please plan accordingly. Hosting is available west of Boston. An option for you to pick the location and the time of my Incall is available only when you book a 4-hour appointment.

I travel internationally for business and pleasure. Any travel outside of Boston requires a reasonable notice. Trips such as NYC, WA DC and Philadelphia are super easy and don't require much notice as I love hopping on the Amtrak Acela. Travelling requires 50% deposit. Should you need to cancel (or make changes from the original appointment) 2 weeks before our appointment, a 50% deposit off of the original time you booked is required. If you need to cancel in the last minute (1 week before our meeting), a 100% deposit off of the original time you booked is required.

​7-8 Hours of sleep is what my body requires every night.

If you wish to travel together, please arrange to book me at least two weeks in advance. The more advance notice and communication we have, the better we can plan the trip. Then, for example, we can discuss our activities, places to see and visit, things to do, and whatever else happens to please us.