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Aleks' Deepest Fantasy

If you were my woman", he went on, his voice a sandpaper whisper, "you'd appear elegant in public, but in private", he smiled. A flash of white teeth drifting into a smile that promised satisfaction. "In private, I'd dress you in less than you are wearing now. Much less. Without those useless lace panties you are wearing." Aleks could barely catch her next breath. She felt the flash on her years and cheeks. She didn’t want to dress like this. It looked cheap and easy. Yes, she couldn’t deny it made her feel aware of her body, of her feminine power. Sexy and wanted and desired. How is that possible?

"You're awfully direct."

"I'm honest", he admitted. "What's the point of lying?"

"Awe I don't know. To be polite? And these panties are not useless. They cover the essentials.

"Exactly. Why would I want those covered?

She gasped.

"I am not about to flash everyone in the first good breeze that comes along."

But if you were mine, what's under that skirt would be mine. Not yours, to show or conceal as I see fit." His words burned her with shock and terrible, unmistakable desire. She gasped.

"Shocked, honey? That's what submission is all about. Surrendering control utterly to someone else. Your privacy, your body, your pleasure." He said nothing for long minutes. And Aleks lost herself debating between the past and the present. She could not submit. She could never submit no matter what. The past was a door she would never open. It was locked for a reason. And yet, she squirmed at her seat at the wild thoughts of even the slightest possibility of her submission to him. It was disturbing and exploitative but some little part of her found his words reluctantly provocative. Forbidden. God, she'd gone insane. But curiosity followed close behind. That she could allow herself. Just the idea got her beat accelerated, her breathing shallowed. She couldn’t ignore the fact that her stomach and her nipples were achy and tight. Was it possible to be so aroused that she would … A mental picture of Jack tying her down, filling her up as she raised under his hands, exploded across her brain. A blast of heat sizzled her belly and lower… God knew his aggressive touch earlier today had flooded her with arousals. And his kiss had obliterated most thoughts of hesitation, the crowed and her stocker. If she wasn’t careful keeping her distance, she could quickly become another notch on his bedpost. Worse, he could open her psychic and expose all the hidden fantasies that are left in the dark corners of her mind, never to be spoken out loud.

"Where are we going?"

"I've got a place. We can hide you there until we figure out something else. We've got few more hours till we reach the place. Try and get some sleep if you can."

She closed her eyes and drifted off trying not to think of the situation she was in. A few hours later they reached the cottage. Jack stopped the car. Aleks was still sleeping. He gently lifted her tired body into his strong arms and headed for the door. He knew she trusted him on a basic physical level. That trust shimmered through his body, both hardening his cock and softening his gut. Why fight it. He licked her. She was feisty and vulnerable, sharp and gullible. And for some reasons so damn familiar. As if he had seen her somewhere before. Shifting Aleks in his grasp, he shoved the key in the lock and opened the door. Inside the small cottage, clean pine floors reminded him of boyhood, fishing with his grandpa. This place never failed to inspire great memories. Jack headed for the bedroom. He set Aleks down the bed and bent to remove her black boots. For a second he imagined pulling the rest of her clothes for the mire pleasure of just looking at her. "There is time for everything", he thought. She looked uncomfortable, turning and tossing in her sleep. He didn’t want to wake her up. Jack gently covered her tiny body with a blanker and headed to the living room to start the fire. After warming up the house, he sat on a chair and thought about the crazy day they had. Shirtless and alert, Jack so her with his periphery.

"Good morning, Aleks."


His stare touched her through the shadowy light in the room, caressing her cheek, sweeping over her mouth, gliding down her neck to the rise of her breasts. With just a glans, heat bloomed inside her. Even eight feet away the potency of his sexuality broadcasted in blaring waves. The kiss earlier they had went back to her mind in a rush along with the tight nagging ache between her legs. She remembered everything. The way he touched her, his kiss. The way he took control, his mysterious scent, his growled words. Even after a few hours of sleep, nothing had changed. Curiosity and desire overwhelmed her as Jack stared. Knowledge brightened his chocolate eyes. The ache tightened her body. She couldn’t afford that. Couldn’t afford him. Aleks looked away breaking their visual connection. How he felt, how she felt, none of it mattered. She had to focus on staying safe. Drooling over the heavy muscles cuffing Jack's shoulders and chest that screamed pure animalistic desire and contemplating all the way he could use that power to pleasure her wasn’t going to help right now.

"How are you? OK?", he asked.

"I am fine", she said finally. What time is it?" He struggled and glanced out of the window.

"About 5 am. You can go back to sleep. I'll be here to watch over you." Aleks stared back. The knowledge that Jack's eyes were on her was really going to induce her to roll over and sink into Dreamland? As if… she could hardly breathe with Jack's gaze all over her. Sleep would be impossible. What was it about this man? Sure he was yummy, but she never had problems having any man she wanted. Something about the way he stared…The truth finally hit her like a slap. No, it was his intensity, his self-possession, his error of controlled power. She'd always been a sucker for men of power. And unlike the other men in her past, Aleks knew Jack was the real deal. He possessed one of the ultimate powers - the sexual one. He wouldn’t just tie a woman down. He would dictate her response and he'd be in complete control of her body, her orgasm. And at that moment, the thought appealed to Aleks far more than was wise.

Easing towards the edge of the bed to put a distance between them, she said: "No, I'm awake. Do you want the bed to catch some sleep? I can get up."


The single syllable ricochet through her entire body. It was a command. Pure and simple. Every sound of that word bounced back inside her. The heat intensified confusing her. She didn’t like being bossed around by anyone. But Jack barking orders at her made her stubbornness comes out on the surface in a second.

"I've been sleeping in the chair", he explained. "That can't be comfortable." He laughed. Honey, go spend few months in Afghanistan and this chair will feel like the Ritz. Aleks nodded. "If you are awake I want to ask you some questions about your stoker. You need coffee first?"

She shuttered. "I don’t drink coffee. My heart can't handle it." A flash of white teeth appeared on Jack's face.

"Is that right?" he asked sarcastically.

The room turned quiet. The momentary banter drifted away leaving a tense silence in its place. Still, she felt Jack's gaze on her lingering at her hair. Self-consciously, she pushed the strands off her shoulders behind her back.

"You took off the wig? I, it's almost black… My hair I mean." He hesitated.

"I know." His stare turned pensive. Aleks frowned. "Did the color matter?" she thought. "Maybe he likes blonds. Maybe." But his stare said otherwise.

"And I see you took off my boots?"

"They looked uncomfortable."

The idea of Jack touching her as she slept, unaware, raised the heat coiling in her body another notch. Had he touched anything more intimate than her hair and her feet while she was sleeping? That question raised her body heat again. Now laser-focused between her legs. Aleks squirmed seeking relief. She didn’t find it.

"You wanted to ask me something."

Jack' leaned on his elbows on his knees: "How about starting with anyone who is stocking you? Is it a client?"

Boom. Direct. Aleks wasn’t really surprised. That really was the heart of the matter after all and she suspected Jack would be a pretty bottom lineman.

"Honestly, I am not sure. I keep going in my mind rethinking every client I've ever met. I've never had anybody so weird."

"It seems this guy knows you pretty well." Jack's eyes narrowed. "I need to know your relationships."

"That’s none of your business."

Jack stood. Approached the bed. Towered over her. Aleks looked up. Passed the rippling shoulders that screamed power. Having him this near, wasn’t good for her mental health. He was part aphrodisiac, part beast. And she responded way more than she wanted to.

"If you want my help, I need to know your past. It's not uncommon for a previous lover to turn into a stocker. I need you to cooperate. Otherwise, I will have to put you over my knees and spank your ass."

Aleks gapped. "You are not touching my ass."

"Don’t challenge me, honey. I will make those pretty cheeks fire hot in about three minutes."

A flame of desire burst in between Aleks' legs. Bad. Bad. Bad. Stop now. She closed her eyes blocking out the sensation. The longing. The ramping, curiosity, and the ache.

"You're a pushy bastard. You know that?"

"I am a dominant man who's reached the end of my patience with your little girl games. Now, are you gonna answer my questions?"

Her temper fired up a notch.

He tensed. Mouth. Shoulders. Abs. "You're holding out on me", he growled grabbing her wrist.

Aleks jerked away from the electric heat of his touch. "That's all you gonna get."

He took a step back. The moon lightened half of his body. Holy cow he was so good-looking he hurt her eyes. Strong jaw. Chiseled mouth. Two days growth rough what might have been an otherwise pretty face. Wide muscled capped shoulders topped off a hard 6-pack torso any woman would drool over. Aleks wanted to be unmoved by him. But his aura of power, his touch. It wasn’t in the cards. His gaze rolled over her partly assuring. She couldn’t forget his breath on her neck, his hands palming her breasts, his fingers buried inside her nearly bringing her to orgasm. His mouth on hers. Survival first, pleasure later. Much later. And not with Jack. Yes, she wanted a self-possessed man but this one was too much of everything she didn’t need at this point in her life. She had no business thinking about him. Jack possessed lethal power barely concealed by careful restraint. The primal male animal lurked just under the surface of his skin. A woman didn’t handle a man like Jack. He had all the subtlety of the steam roller. And if Aleks gave him the slightest hint that his brand of domination interested her, she knew he'd roll over her body and leave her flat. No, thanks. Now, if only her lust saturated thoughts would catch on. He was a business contact and a man trying to protect her. Her response to him needed to stop there. She shouldn't be concentrated on the need moistening her vagina. Curiosity could be almost as powerful as desire. Aleks took a deep breath. Ok, so, he could bring her pleasure. Surely lots of other guys could without all the domination. Without the frightening sense that he could control the woman's body with little more than a stare and a naughty smile. True, Aleks hadn't found such a man yet. She sight at her circular logic. Nothing mattered now except that Jack could keep her safe. She needed that so badly.

Jack squeezed her hand between his rough palms. "After dawn, I will call a buddy of mine who has lots of contacts and see if he can start a profile."

"Thank you." She hoped Jack and his friend could get to the bottom of this nonsense so she could get on her life.

"Why don’t you try to go back to sleep?"

Tension rose up like quicksands threatening to drown her. "I'm done sleeping. Too worried. Too wired."

Jack leaned in and fondled the edge of her ear and frowned. He turned dark chocolate eyes on her. The air between them turned so thick, Aleks couldn’t drag along full in. heat radiated from him warming her all the way to her bones. His sent hit her with the force of a battling ram. Spice. Sweat. Swamp. Pure mystery. Damnit she was so aware of him as a man.

"Try. You've got to keep your strength up." He sent her a ghost of a smile. "You never know when you might need it."

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