"A dreamer is one who can find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is to see the dawn before the rest of us" – unknown author.

I am an incurable dreamer. If that appeals to you, then I invite you to join me in my world - a world of magic and endless mysteries, a world of unusual love and genuine pleasure.

My name is Aleksandra Ray and I love Monarch butterflies. I am an unusual person living in an ordinary world; a diamond floating in a sea of broken glass. Heaven is my home; the wind is my brother. Beauty, grace, and elegance are woven into my body – the body of a real woman. Even my body, however, is not strong enough to contain my ever searching soul. My soul, blood and name are drawn from the mystical Greek peninsula, floating softly in the beautiful Aegean. My very soul is like the sea - turbulent, imposing and beautiful. "The eyes are the window to the soul," said the wise people, and they are absolutely right.


Through my eyes you can glimpse my soul - the waves of soft satin, winding like whirlwinds and breaking into rocks of darkness. My body is but an insignificant barrier, unable to truly contain my raging soul that pervades the world around me, transforming it into a place of mysteries, magic, and beauty. In the space around me, even the relentless grip of reality is not adequate. In the whirlwind of my presence, time flows differently, and a moment can seem a whole eternity, and life - just a moment. My passion for life is irrepressible and I spend all my time searching; searching for experiences, intimacy, and memories, searching for meaning and purpose.


My life journey, like footprints in the sand of fate, led me to a great realization: I was born a courtesan. For me this is not a profession; for me, this is a vocation, an ideal and a dream. Only a courtesan is at the same time owned and free, accepted and rejected, satisfied, but, still, always searching. Only a courtesan can willingly deliver the ultimate pleasure to a man, without the demand for recognition, bonding, and gratitude.

I am a real woman to my very molten core. I have the body of a model and the soul of a poet. I am incredibly proud of both, and willingly seek opportunities to grow and learn. I am a high-class escort for selected gentlemen with exquisite taste in life. When I am not in Boston, I travel internationally and enjoy being independent. 

I am a free spirit with a firey character. Neither time, nor stereotypes, nor generally established order have managed to break my lightness of being. I still enjoy many things that society expects only a child would do. I love to have long walks, to contemplate the sunset, to read books. I often take the camera and wander aimlessly in search of the perfect image around Boston – the meaningful experience. I am a practitioner of yoga, appreciate good humor and never say no to fine Swiss chocolate. I love meeting new people. I love to talk, to debate and to smile. I have a weakness for sensual stockings and cute kittens.


I tremendously love, indeed, I crave, art. It is my way of expressing myself, to bring to life with my hands and with my soul creations that bring pleasure to me and to those I love. I am a passionate artist and a professional jeweler. I love to share my art – the paintings I give away to those I love, and the jewelry – I sell. In every piece, I include part of myself, of my soul. I like to “give away” or “share” myself in that fashion, and I derive great pleasure knowing that this gesture makes people happy.

My long body is beautiful and graceful, and I care for it daily. I eat consciously and thoughtfully (never miss a good fine chocolate :-) ) and I do not drink or smoke, I practice yoga once in a while and choose to ignore jealous people. I have been told that I have a natural elegance and nobility in my appearance, and, perhaps equally significant, it is important for me how I dress. I enjoy taking the time and giving attention to dress appropriately for every occasion. Whether attending a diplomatic reception in Boston or elsewhere or joining an extended family at a holiday resort, my appearance is impeccable, noticeable and entirely appropriate. I prefer elegant designs and pastel colors. I enjoy experimenting with lingerie and always am open to expanding my great collection.

In many respects, I am the feminine manifestation of my art, my jewelry. My body is like the metal frame of a fine brooch with shiny, polished forms, soft, matte shine and a soft, sensually sculpted curved shape. My mind, on the other hand, is like the gemstone in the center of the brooch - glamorous at first glance, but full of infinite shades, hidden in the depths of the faceted surface. 

Before our initial rendezvous, we can explore each other to see whether the "chemistry" will be right. I would love to have you read this page.  Here I introduce my style and personality and reveal bits about who I am and what I enjoy. 

I could speak about myself and my approach to beauty and life much longer, but I would like to highlight the significance of a very important event for me - our meeting.

If you are still reading, then you want to know more about me. How wonderful!

I want to meet you