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I want to experience the things I am passionate about either alone or with somebody who really understands my passions. Having a tantric workshop together, flying an airplane over the Boston harbor, having a couples massage at the Encore, ziplining in NH to raise our adrenaline or taking a boudoir photography workshop, the possibilities are endless.

It would be great if you decide to join me or give me the opportunity to experience any of these experiences. Life is short and I want to feel alive. I am 46 years old and I feel great. Come join me!

I am providing you 2 links - one for the actual website (just in case you decide to check the company out) and another one for my CashApp account. Should you wish to grant me the pleasure of having any of these experiences, feel free to send the transfer via CashApp followed by an email  ( or a short note letting me know what experience you picked for me or for us if you would like to join me. You can still choose to be anonymous. But I would respect that despite the fact that I would want to thank you :-) 

1. ENCORE Boston Spa Massage. $250.00



2. ENCORE Boston Spa Couples Massage. $500.00


3. SKY VENTURE NH Indoor Skydiving. $95.00/ 4 minutes fly or

Silver membership that includes 3 hours fly time. $1800.00



4. GUNSTOCK Mountain Resort Ziplining. $75.00



5. LINDSAY ADLER The Magic of Gels Intensive Workshop April 25 - 26, NYC. $2399.00



6. LINDSAY ADLER 3 Day Fashion & Beauty Intensive May 15 - 17, NYC. $2850.00


7. LINDSAY ADLER Floral Fantasy Workshop October 20 - 21, NYC. $2600.00

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