Often I like to say that knowledge is power. I love learning and I have a lot of different interests. This year I would like to improve my skills in a few different areas. I am interested in film making, photography and post-production editorial software. I also would like to learn WordPress and coding. I eventually want to build my own WP website so I can be completely independent of hosting companies.  Graphic design is a new area of interest for me. It will very well support my marketing skills. I would like to have a complete circle of skills: photography, videography, graphic design, and web design.

But there is something else I've been wanting to find time and effort for the last 1-2 years: tantra. There is nothing more powerful and sexy than a woman who is in touch with her female inner powers. Don't you agree? 

I have provided you with two links. The left one is the link to the actual website offering the specific course. The right one is the link to my CashApp account. Should you wish to grant me the pleasure of getting any of these courses (especially the ones connected with Tantra :-)), feel free to send the transfer via CashApp followed by an email  ( or a short note letting me know what is the course you picked for me. You can still choose to be anonymous. But I would respect that despite the fact that I would want to thank you :-) 

Photoshop CC 2020 Courses:

1. UDEMY Complete beginner to an advanced course. $199.00


2. PLURALSIGHT thorough tutorial of basic Photoshop skills. $299.00/ year


3. SOUNDVIEWPRO covers the basics of selecting, retouching, layering. $495.00



4. UDEMY Master class that offers Adobe certificate. $199.99

After Effects CC 2020 Courses: 

​1. UDEMY motion graphics and data visualization. $199.99


2. PLURALSIGHT course offering to complete real automations. $299.00/ year


3. UNIVERSALCLASS Adobe After Effects online course with CEU certificate. $90.00


4. LINKEDIN course offering 3D layers, text, and geometry. $19.99


WordPress Web Design Courses:

1. WP101 great course for beginners. $99.99/ lifetime access




2. WPAPPRENTICE WordPress online course for beginners. $39.99/ lifetime access



3. YOAST SEO online training. $199.99/ year

Graphic Design Courses:

1. LYNDA Graphic Designer 101. $37.50 Premium membership/ month



2. UDEMY Graphic Design Bootcamp Part 1. $199.99/ lifetime access


3. UDEMY Graphic Design Masterclass. $194.99/ year

Video Production & Editing Courses:

1. CREATIVELIVE iPhone Filmmaking: From Shoot Through Edit. $13.00/ month



2. UDEMY iPhone Filmmaking - Production & Editing. $49.99


3. CAMTASIA Video Editing Software. $249.00

Photography Courses:

1. LINDSAY ADLER Master Studio Lighting. $397.00



2. UDEMY iPhone Filmmaking - Production & Editing. $49.99


3. CAMTASIA Video Editing Software. $249.00

Tantra Online Courses:

1. BEDUCATED Master Lover Online Course. $497



2. BEDUCATED Tantric Ejaculation Mastery Course. $197


3. BEDUCATED Discover the Power of the Yoni Egg and Awaken Your Orgasmic Aliveness with 

Sofia Sundari. $497.00


4. JACQUELINE HELLYER The Luscious Woman Online Sex Course. $160.00


5. ONLINE YOGA ACADEMY Esoteric Tantra Yoga. 330 Euros/ year


6. CYNDI DARNELL The Desire Series Course. $450.00


7. VANESSA MARIN The Modern Man's Guide to Conque Performance Pressure. $249.00