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With me, you will be free to share and experience without limitation and fear that you will hurt and disappoint the people you care about. You can enjoy things that you could not experience with anyone else and receive pleasure, which you could not find anywhere else. It is my duty to make you feel good. Our time together will be like in unique dance; you will step forward, and I will always be by your side, ready to follow you everywhere and ready to lead you if that is your desire. Our meeting will be entirely discrete, personal and unique, just a chance meeting of strangers. And like those serendipitous episodes that we all remember, where the stars align perfectly, we will be, in the words of Frank Sinatra - "Strangers in the night exchanging glances..." 

If you have concerns about my donations, perhaps you should reconsider whether we are right for each other.  As I noted earlier, like you, I value my time.  I provide service at a level that is appropriate for the charge.  I assure you, once we have met, this never will be a question. 

And when we meet, please arrange to settle the business aspect of our time together right away.  Neither of us wants that to be a distraction, do we? 

What more can I say…..

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