40+ yo Requirement for a meeting!

Verification Part 1:

Please, email a picture of your Driver's License to my email: AleksandraofBoston@yahoo.com. Face, DOB and city and state have to be on focus. The rest is not needed for the verification process.

Please, DO NOT submit your information if you are not ready to proceed with Part 2 of my verification process.

I do not verify based on providers' references.

What type of meeting do you require?

Be sure to read my Cancellation Policy before you submit your information. 

Thanks for submitting!

Verification Part 2:

Once I am able to verify you with no red flags, then we can plan our time together. The sky is the limit, in fact :-)​

Our time together will be like in a inique dance, you will step forward, and I will always be by your side, ready to follow you everywhere and ready to lead you if that is your desire. 

If you have concerns about my fees perhaps you should reconsider whether we are right for each other.  As I noted earlier, like you, I value my time.  I provide service at a level that is appropriate for the charge.  I assure you, once we have met, this never will be a question. 

And when we meet, please arrange to settle the business aspect of our time together right away.  Neither of us wants that to be a distraction, do we? 

Please, be advised, I will not be able to meet you without screening and without having all the information requested in the form below. No exceptions!

Complete the form or send an email with the requested information to AleksandraOfBoston@yahoo.com