100 Facts About Me

1. I like dreams. I believe dreams have a meaning. 
2. I like magic although I do not like magicians. 
3. I love Cirque de Soleil. 
4. I do not watch horror movies. 
5. I love butterflies and the butterfly house in Key West - a place to lose yourself in the magic of butterflies from all over the world, mini pigeons and whimsical flowers. 
6. I am a touchy person. I like to touch textures, materials, forms and shapes, people.  
7. I don't like ordinary things and ordinary people. 
8. I like to feel the wind caressing my face. 
9. I try to find beauty in everything in life. 
10. I believe every woman can be elegant. 
11. I come from Eastern Europe. 
12. I love art. I have an art obsession. I find art in everything.
13. I like to touch people's souls. You can find something good even in the worst person. 
14. I don't like lakes and oceans, but I can go with a small romantic waterfall :-)
15. I love sunsets. 


16  I enjoy walks in the streets of Boston. 

17. I prefer reading actual books instead of reading electronic ones. 

18. I started to paint again recently. 

19. My favorite style of yoga is Yin yoga. 

20. I appreciate a good sense of humor. 

21. I love doing what I do. Doing what I do is an art and not everybody can master it. 

22. I discovered the beauty of 100 percent dark chocolate. But I truly love the finest milk chocolate.

23. I like to smile. 

24. I have a weakness for stockings and lingerie. Shoes too.

25. My favorite animal is the tiger.  

26. I love arts that I can create with my hands - haute couture clothes, jewelry, pottery. 
27. I like to watch the food channel. 
28. I don't eat spicy food. 
29. I am a picky eater. 
30. I love to share the art I create with the people close to my heart.
31. I like to help people. 
32. I don't drink or smoke. 
33. It is important to me how I dress. I like many different styles, but an elegant feminine style is my favorite and most worn. 
34. I used to create haute couture clothes when I lived in Europe. 
35. My body has sculpted curved shape. 
36. I can't swim and I have a fear of water. 
37. I am a hopeless romantic. I believe love can save the world. 
38. I like manly men. 
39. I like smart men. 
40. I frequently travel between Boston and New York but really prefer international trips. 
41. I love hot weather. 
42. My favorite hotel is the Mondrian in South Beach FL. 
43. My favorite place to relax is Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur CA. 
44. I like fashion and art magazines. 
45. One of my dreams is to go to the fashion week in NYC, Milan, or Paris. 
46. Some of my favorite perfumes are Amarige by Givenchy and L'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake. 
47. I love homegrown blueberries and strawberries. 
48. I love to tease and be teased. 
49. I love fast speed, high heels, and silk sheets. 
50. When I am not in Boston I like to travel. 


51. I want to live in Italy one day. 
52. You are free to share whatever you wish with me and I will keep your secrets safe from the rest of the world. 
53. I like women too. 
54. I like to do crazy things. 
55. I like older men. They know how to treat a woman and they have the wisdom that comes with experience. 
56. I believe one can never have TOO MANY books. 
57. I have a strong intuition.
58. At school, I hated math and science but loved biology. 
59. I don't tolerate abuse and cruelty of any kind. 
60. I discovered the beauty and deliciousness of Vietnamese Pho soups and hot pot Japanese houses. 
61. I had an albino snail pet when I was a child. And now I have a baby albino hedgehog.
62. I am idealistic and imaginative. 
63. I love Disney World. 
64. I don't have a favorite color, but I dislike pink (for clothes). 
65. Some of my favorite flowers are Hyacinth, Lilly of the Valley, Fraziers, and Peonies. 
66. I believe that if you really want to accomplish something you can DO it. 
67. I love massages. 
68. I have a diploma in massage therapy and yoga training. 
69. I love black Tahitian pearls. 
70. I don't like drama. 


71. One of my hobbies is modeling. 
72. I think of myself as an authentic, organically refined courtesan who loves to be made to purr. 
73. I like to drink Genmai Matcha Japanese tea. 
74. When I create I prefer complete silence. 
75. I love candles, hot bathtubs, and Moroccan oils. 
76. I like to watch dance performances and film festivals. 
77. I like to communicate with people I can learn something from. 
78. I can be very flirtatious and have a great sense of humor. 
79. I hate to be tickled. 
80. I like to eat fruits. 
81. My favorite season is Spring. 
82. I am a very sensitive creature. 
83. I love nature, exotic places, and wild animals. 
84. I love kadaifi and loukoumades. They remind me of Greece and one of the greatest vacations. 
85. I have a terrible sense of direction and I can't live without my GPS. 
86. Some of my favorite fashion designers are Armani, Gucci, Herve Leger. 
87. I am not superstitious and I like the number 13. 
88. Being a real courtesan makes me explore things beyond your imagination. 
89. I am drawn to people who are unique, smart, artistic, and creative. 
90. I like to dance. 
91. I like to discover new things. 
92. I am a very private person. 
93. I like to create at night and sleep in the day. And I like to sleep a lot. 
94. My favorite number is 3. 
95. I have naturally tanned skin, clear complexion, and athletic body. 
96. I like adventures. 
97. I like funny movies. 
98. I'm against racism and black lives matter to me. 
99. I don't like to talk about politics. 
100. I like to be pampered. ​